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I am a neurologist and nuclear medicine physician. My overarching long term academic career goal is to develop Positron Emission Tomography imaging biomarkers to better understand pathophysiology and improve clinical care in neurosciences, in particular, multiple sclerosis and related disorders and to develop improved therapies. My formal training in neurology and nuclear medicine places me in a unique position to work towards this goal. I have specific experiences with clinical investigations, analyzing and interpreting PET images of novel radiotracers, and advanced analyses of PET and SPECT images, along with extensive experience and training in clinical neurology and MS, which I aim to apply towards my goal.

I have undergone formal training in nuclear medicine and neurology as well as dedicated research training in neurological PET imaging. My neurology residency and fellowship trainings in the Harvard/Partners Neurology system consolidated my interest in clinical neuroimmunology and multiple sclerosis, leading to development of my clinical and research focus in MS. Previously, during my post-doctoral work, I had been able to make novel and original contributions by applying PET imaging techniques to distinct areas in neuroscience. These experiences, along with my training in nuclear medicine in India and subsequently at the Harvard Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine etched in me the realization of the extraordinary power of imaging using PET for studying the central nervous system at the molecular level in living subjects, and equipped me with a unique skill set. It is a career goal of mine to combine these two interests and develop molecular imaging biomarkers using PET imaging to better understand pathophysiology and to develop new therapies in neurosciences, particularly, multiple sclerosis and other disorders. In particular, I am interested in molecular imaging of neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and systems neurology across a spectrum of disorders. I am committed to integrating these goals with my roles as a neurologist committed towards providing cutting-edge, comprehensive care to my patients.

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