The FNL is comprised of a diverse group of personnel who enjoy learning from each other in this interdisciplinary environment.  We come from the fields of medicine (psychiatry, radiology, neurology), biomedical and electrical engineering, psychology, neuroscience, mathematics and physics, and are all passionate about using advanced methodologies to understand the brain.

Emily Stern, MD

Emily Stern, MD

David Silbersweig, MD

David Silbersweig, MD

Hong Pan, PhD

Hong Pan, PhD

Associate Director

Scott Hoge, PhD

Swathi Iyer, MS

David Vago, PhD

Eva Catenaccio

Haiwen Chen

Jane Epstein, MD

Benjamin Fuchs

Lorene Leung

Paul Maciejewski, PhD

Laurel Morris

David Perez,MD

Qicun Shi, PhD